The ACE research group is a part of the Computer Science Department at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), focusing on Software Engineering and Software Composition.


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Research Themes

Software Craftsmanship

We are focusing here on the way software engineers develop piece of software. Classical development ecosystems rely on version control systems (e.g., Git) in an agile environment.

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Scalable Software Composition

Separating concerns without being able to recompose them in a scalable way does not make sense. There is a need to consider this class of issues as a first-class citizen with respect to current software development to accelerate it.

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Software variability studies the variation points and commonality that exists within a family of software products. In this context, the ACE group investigates how composition operators can be used to support additive and subtractive variability.

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Cyber-Physical Systems

In this domain, we focus our efforts on the definition of model-based composition operators dedicated to data collection policies and large-scale sensor networks.

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Sébastien Mosser
Professor, UQAM

Graduate Students

Benjamin Benni
PhD Student, UCA
Sébastien Bonnieux
Sébastien Bonnieux
PhD Student, UCA


Jean Michel Bruel Professor, Univ. Toulouse
Philippe Collet Professor, UCA
Laure Gonnord Ass. Professor, Université Lyon 1, LIP & Inria
Jörg Kienzle Professor, McGill University
Sami Lazreg PhD Student, UCA
Naouel Moha Professor, UQAM
Matthieu Moy Ass. Professor, Université Lyon 1, LIP & Inria
Gunter Mussbacher Ass. Professor, McGill University


Guillaume André MSc Student, UCA
Florian Bourniquel MSc Student, UCA
Enzo Dalla-Nora MSc Student, UCA
Tanguy Invernizzi MSc Student, UCA
Marc Jourdes MSc Student, UCA
Florian Lehmann MSc Student, UCA
Lucas Mattéo MSc Student, UCA
Jean-Adam Puskaric MSc Student, UCA
David Sene MSc Student, UCA


Gunther Jungbluth MSc 2018, now lead architect at Games Lab
Ivan Logre PhD, 2017. MSc, 2013. Now postdoc at Université Grenoble Alpes
Cyril Cecchinel PhD, 2017. MSc, 2014. Now research engineer at DataThings
Alexandre Feugas PhD, 2014. Now senior R&D consultant at F. Incivitas
Eirik Brandtzæg MSc, 2011. Now software engineer.

Past Interns

Olivier Boulet Summer 2018, UCA. Now Graduate student at UCA.
Alexis Couvreur Summer 2018, UCA. Now Graduate student at UCA.
Johann Mortara Summer 2018, UCA. Now Graduate student at UCA.
Fabien Vicente Summer 2016. Now Software Engineer, Meritis.
Nicolas Lecourtois Summer 2016. Now Software Engineer, Atos.
Iokannan Goutier Summer 2016. Now Independent Software Engineer.
Jean Oudot Summer 2014. Now PhD Student at Telecom ParisTech.