DevOps Challenges in an SDN Context — a Vendor Perspective


Discussions about what DevOps is and how to follow it often ignore the context in which development and operations are carried out. The presentation will argue that these contexts can have significant impact on the DevOps process and practice. In particular, it will focus on the unique relationship between the vendor of a software-defined networking (SDN) solution and a network operator. The impact of this relationship on the DevOps process will be discussed by reviewing some of the DevOps best practices as identified Google Cloud’s DORA team, and highlighting those practices whose realization is most challenging in this context.

Bio sketch: Benoit Tremblay

Benoit is a Senior Technical Advisor at Kaloom. He has more than 30 years of experience in software development. He spent close to 20 years at Ericsson where he played different roles in R&D and in research, touching different aspects of software engineering for telecommunications. He joined Kaloom in 2017 and was head of R&D until very recently. One of his main focus areas was to ensure that continuous integration and continuous delivery was at the core of the development process.